Wax Shower Gel Lemon Cedar 1000ml

Wax Shower Gel Lemon Cedar 1000ml

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Fresh and sparkling, citrusy notes that stimulate your senses and bring a tangy energy.


Product Benefits :

Cedar Lemon Shower Gel with Extra-Fat Lemon HT26 provides fragile skins with a gentle and effective cleansing. Soap-free, it is enriched with nourishing agents. It cleanses the epidermis while restoring its hydrolipidic film and prevents the appearance of tightness, redness and itching.

Its PH is ideal for daily hygiene.

Formula respectful of your skin.

Results :

Gently cleanses, respects and protects the PH and the balance of the skin.
The skin will be softer without irritation
The gel will leave a delicate and pleasant fragrance on your skin.

Active ingredients :

Nourishing agents: protect the delicate skin and gently moisturize it.

Tips for use :

- Lather on damp skin

- Gently massage the whole body

- Rinse thoroughly with water.

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