HT26 - Lightening Soap Gold and Argan 200g

HT26 - Lightening Soap Gold and Argan 200g

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Product Benefits:

Gold and Argan vitamin lightening soap HT26 cleanses the skin without drying it out.

It’s enriched with Argan Oil and Gold particles.

Your skin is cleared up and wrinkles are reduced.


  1. Cleans-in-depth and removes impurities from the skin
  2. Skin regains its radiance after use
  3. Skin is well nourished and hydrated

Active ingredients:

  • Argan oil: nourished and regenerating

  • Tocopherol oil : essential vitamin for the skin's balance and fights against wrinkles

  • Gold extract: revitalizes and harmonizes the skin.

How to apply:

Use morning and evening.

Lather the soap between your hands, then apply the resulting foam to the face and rinse with clean water.

Your skin will be rid of its impurities and is ready to receive HT26 care.

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