Ht26 Rose Oil 125 ml, Natural vegetal oil

Ht26 Rose Oil 125 ml, Natural vegetal oil

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Rose oil helps to regenerate epidermis and prevent wrinkles apparition.

It restores suppleness and elasticity, preventing premature aging process.


On the face : Apply some drops to each zone of your cleaned face and mass very delicately. Avoid the eyelids.

On the body : Apply your oil pure or mixed with your milk HT26. On the top of the body, start from your hands then go up towards your shoulders. Insist well on the sensitive zones like the elbows. Do not forget your belly! Slowly mass it in the direction of the needles of a watch.

On your legs : Start from your feet and go up gently towards your thighs. Renew several times these gestures for making well penetrate the product. Insist on the dry zones.

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