HT26 - Maximal Body Cream Intensive Reparation

HT26 - Maximal Body Cream Intensive Reparation

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HT26 RECOMMENDS Maximal Bleaching Body Cream Intensive Reparation, an intense depigmenting care for the body. It limits apparently the brown tasks, the tint of your skin becomes more uniform, clearer. It leaves your skin soft, silky and softer in the glance as in the touch. Real elixir of beauty, this care repairs and limits(eases) actively spots, caused by scars, pregnancy, sun exposure and skin aging.   HT26 EXPLAINS Firstly, cleaned your skin with the cleaning gel of HT26. Then, applied the cream to your body in a uniform way in the morning and evening.    

Eliminate spots and clears up your skin Black skin and half-blood Flask 500ml


Use in thin coat twice a week. Wait 4 minutes then rinse in tepid water.

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