High Tex Wig Wanda, Synthetic Hair Wig
High Tex Wig Wanda, Synthetic Hair Wig
High Tex Wig Wanda, Synthetic Hair Wig

High Tex Wig Wanda, Synthetic Hair Wig

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The Lace Front Wig you were dreaming for. Handcrafted for Natural Hair Line. 

The Hair of Your Dreams

-Skillfully handcrafted for natural hair line to achieve beauty and style you always wanted
-Full Ear to Ear coverage
-Invisible hairline creates Natural Appearance
-Meticulous Coverage at nape for Up-do style
-Comfortable, Secure and Natural Looking
-Natural Scalp Appearance allows you to part your hair in any direction

Placement Instructions
1. Place wig on your head. After positioning the front hairline properly, secure the side combs into your own hair.
2. Pull the wig back over head. Secure the back combs so that wig is firmly in place.
3. Starting from the side, carefully cut off excess lace to desired hairline.
4. Light makeup may be applied along hairline for coverage.
-For Best Results, We Recommend A Professional Hairstylist To Place And Style This Wig.

Cap Size Detail

Circumstance around Head: 22.75" (57.90cm)
Front to Nape (Back Hairline): 15" (38.1cm)
Temple to Temple around back: 14.50" (36.83cm)
Ear to Ear diameter across forehead: 12" (30.48cm)
Ear to Ear over the top of head: (34.29cm)
Nape: 5" (12.7cm)
How to Wear a Lace Wig

No Tape and No Glue

1. Braid the hair in cornrow and thoroughly wash hands to prepare for handling your LACE FRONT. (Reomve all oils by using rubbing alcohol or witch hazel).
2. Cut off excess lace in the front of the wig, BE VERY CAREFULL NOT TO CUT THE HAIR.
3. Place the wig on the head to check the positioning of the hairline.
4. Style as you desire and be natural.

1. Put on wig and adjust hairline.
2. Placement should look natural.
3. Clean area along the edges of natural hair with cleaning agent.
4. Apply glue along the perimeter of the hairline, and let it dry for 60 seconds.
5. After glue dries, trim lace one inch at a time.
6. When done, wig should look natural and hairline clean.
7. Apply glue remover one inch at a time and remove wig slowly.

1. Clean forhead area with cleaning fluid and cloth.
2. Place more tapes to cover a good portion of the hairline.
3. Peel off tape skin to reveal other side of the double-side

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